Daily Draw 11-11-2014

Daily Draw 11-11-2014

Small Lenormand: 27 Letter & 1 Rider & 2 Clover

A sudden, fortunate message/piece of information. Positive news are on the way. A message/piece of information that brings an opportunity with it. Maybe an offer of some sort. A very brief conversation.

Great Lenormand: 2 of Hearts & King of Clubs & Jack of Clubs

I might find someone who’s going to help me in some ways today with their advice and support. Someone or something I can count on to help in a matter in order to accomplish something today. Might have to be cautious not to fall prey to flattery or someone trying to trick me in some ways, though. Not everything might be as nice and selfless as it initially appears.

Skat: 7 of Clubs * & Ace of Spades * & Ace of Diamonds

Troubling or worrying news or message. Might have to find a way in order to overcome (internal) blockages or hesitation. Might not be in the brightest nor best spirits today, feeling somewhat gloomy and distraught.

Wisdom of Avalon: 35 Restriction

Either I am likely to feel restricted in a certain matter or way, or I might have to exercise some restraint and caution. Either way, it’s likely I won’t be able to pull off everything I’m setting out to do.

Tarot: Tower

I might be in for some (unpleasant) surprised today. Something that might upset and/or shock me in a way, and that I might not have seen come … or did not want to see come. I might have to overcome some old ‘restraints’ or ‘structures’ that are hindering me, and have become detrimental, maybe time to break with some old bad habits/attitudes.


Daily Draw 11-10-2014

Small Lenormand: 22 Roads & 34 Fish & 32 Moon

Decision, choice – finances, plenty – mood, subconscious, success

A beneficial financial decision. A financial decision that promises to be a sound one. Emotional unrest and indecision regarding a decision/choice. Messages from the subconscious might unsettle and confuse.

ð No financial decision I’m aware of. Hubby had some stuff come in through the mail that wasn’t there yet when I checked. Apparently mail ran late – but it was something that’s somewhat expensive, so I was relieved that when he checked it on his way to work, it had been delivered. The other ‘issue’ I had was at night. I don’t know what brought it on. Been feeling a bit out of it the past few days, and when I laid down, I heard a very odd noise I couldn’t place, like the skirting or something was rattling. There was no wind blowing otherwise that I could hear, however, so, to my shame and embarrassment, it freaked me out and I had a hard time falling asleep, kept waking up and incidentally had a very restless night waking up rather exhausted and cranky. I looked outside, and I think it must’ve been the privacy sign that’s attached to the pole propping up the air conditioner for our bedroom. Why it rattled like that with no apparent stronger wind gust, I don’t know. Wish I could figure out what’s got me so on edge here the past few days that I get scared that easily.

Great Lenormand: Ace of Diamonds & 4 of Clubs & 2 of Clubs

News, messages, communication – egoism, greed, (blind) passion – success, wealth

Knowledge, trust – communication, fame / mood, unfaithfulness – fame, money, wealth

Careful not to get a one-track mind in a certain financial matter. Trying to not just believe I’ve got all the answers to something. I might share or have something shared with me today that I am telling/being told in good faith to handle discreetly. I might feel ambivalent about a financial matter, however. Communication regarding a financial situation I’m not sure is being handled properly.

ð Well, I have been having sort of a stubborn notion for the past couple of days regarding an ingame item that is only available if a guild has completed certain achievements. I know it’s so downright silly but I have my mind set on getting the pet, and if possible at least one, if not both, of the mounts. I’ve been checking into guilds on the official forum to see which one has one or two, or all three, and I was able to find a couple of guilds who have the pet and at least one of the mounts. In a way, I feel bad for somewhat being deceptive about my reasons for joining the respective guilds. But, I do not intent on just reaching the required level of guild reputation and ingame currency I need to buy them and up and leave. Still, guess, it’s bad in some ways I’m doing it like this but no other way I can acquire them otherwise.

Skat: Queen of Clubs & 8 of Diamonds & 10 of Spades

Female relative, stepmother, mother-in-law – positive event/occurrence, talks – long(er) trip/journey/duration

A long overdue conversation with a woman. A longer conversation with someone that is actually pleasant.

ð Not sure any woman was involved as such. Think it was my determination in order to find at least one guild who has the pet, and one of the mounts at least. After searching for a bit I finally was able to find a couple of guilds, and manage to join them, too. Makes me feel somewhat selfish doing it mostly for the pet/mount rather than the companionship of other players, but, well, something tells me I’m not the first nor last to do this. Not that it makes me feel any better. Who knows, though, if I find myself liking the guild I am liable to stay with them, anyway. First and foremost, however, I have to be honest, I’m doing it for the pet/mount(s).

Wisdom of Avalon: 19 Dog

Loyalty, sincerity, unconditional love

Showing love and appreciation towards other that matter to me, but also being loyal to something or someone might be important today.

ð Seeking out guilds and attempting to join them for my own benefit is not necessarily a very sincere nor honest thing to do. I admit that. But I just know no other way of getting them as these are only available through guilds with the specific achievements unlocked. And any of the guilds I have recently joined do not have either pet nor any of the mounts … so I didn’t see any other way of doing it. Then again, if I start feeling good about the respective guild, who knows, I might stay with them even after getting the pet/mount(s). Not saying I’ll up and leave once I have either one of them, but they’re my main focus for being and staying in that particular guild right now.

Tarot: Lord of Grails (King of Cups)

I might either deal with someone emotionally mature, somewhat of a visionary or someone who has a deep understanding of things on a more spiritual/emotional level than most – or I might be called to show emotional/spiritual maturity and wisdom in a matter. I might find myself in an idealistic mood, or feel inspired.

ð I felt a bit weary all day long, and the weird incident at night set my insecurities into overdrive. I’m at best always a tad afraid of the dark, but when I get too overtired, and then lately feeling on edge for some odd reason, anything out of the ordinary during night time really sets it off. When I laid down, not but a few minutes after I had turned the lights off, I had this weird rattling noise right next to the bedroom. Thought initially the skirting but there was hardly a wind blowing as far as I could tell. So, subsequently, it made for an extremely restless night, and I’m feeling the results of that in me being cranky and exhausted. Checked the skirting but nothing. I’m thinking now that it must’ve been the metallic privacy sign attached to the pole propping up the bedroom air conditioner that was hit by a wind gust or two. Which is still overall a tad odd for me since usually I can hear when there’s a wind gust but didn’t hear anything unusual last night. I don’t know. Maybe I’m slowly loosing my marbles.


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